Have hope in the midst of today’s turmoil, Bishop Kettler says at Easter Vigil

Bishop Donald Kettler celebrated the Easter Vigil at St. Mary’s Cathedral April 20. The weather was nice enough to bless the fire and light the Easter candle outside as worshippers gathered around. Inside, the Easter Proclamation was read in candlelight. Bishop Kettler also celebrated a baptism and confirmation during the vigil.

During his homily, Bishop Kettler encouraged the faithful to have hope. “In the midst of today’s turmoil, pain, violence, hunger and abuse, we can live in the hope that our Lord is with us with this good news: with God all things are possible,” he said.

“We have been called from death to life,” he continued. “Come forward, hope, live and be at peace.”

  • Bishop Kettler lights a candle for Deacon John Wocken. It will be used to light others' candles.
  • Deacon Benda carries the Easter candle into the cathedral.
  • Bishop Kettler baptizes Emma Olesen during the vigil.
  • Emma Olesen holds the baptismal candle.
  • Emma Olesen is anointed with the Oil for the Sacred Chrism during confirmation.
  • Sara Kigin holds a candle during the vigil.

Author: Dianne Towalski

Dianne Towalski is a multimedia reporter for The Central Minnesota Catholic Magazine.

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