Billboard effort seeks to reach thousands with pro-life message

A Prolife Across America billboard went up Aug. 14 at 5th Avenue and Division Street in St. Cloud, thanks to the efforts of Broden Hagemeier, president of SCSU for Life, a pro-life group on the St. Cloud State University campus.

“It’s a popular location,” Hagemeier said, “so our message will be seen by thousands each day — students moving in, their families, people driving by,”

SCSU for Life, a St. Cloud State University student organization, raised the funds for this billboard located at 5th
Avenue and Division Street in St. Cloud. (Photo by Dianne Towalski / The Visitor)

The first of four pro-life billboards planned this fall — one every four weeks at that location — the billboard includes a phone contact for the national hotline pregnancy help center. A new design will go up soon.

“In that location, the billboards are expensive — $800 for each one, $200 each week,” he said. “To fund it, we’ve had personal donors, matching grants, raffles. My dad and brother helped with the fundraising. We hope to keep the pro-life message consistent and long-term.”

Hagemeier said the messages deliberately challenge people to think. “Life is valuable,” he said, “but how many people realize that fathers matter, or believe that the future is in your hands?”

To donate to the Prolife Across America billboards near SCSU, contact Hagemeier at or 320-292-4725.

Author: The Visitor

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