Top 10 movies and family films of 2018

Outstanding movies suitable for a wide variety of ages ranged from new iterations of classic stories to fact-based tales about the struggles of a famous veteran and the waning career of a beloved comedy team.

Movie: ‘The Prodigy’

Grown moviegoers with a strong tolerance for mayhem will learn from the edgy creepy-kid tale “The Prodigy” (Orion), if they didn’t already know it, that the technical term for having different colored eyes is heterochromia.

Movie: ‘What Men Want’

“What Men Want” (Paramount) examines female empowerment and the constant mutual misunderstandings that beset the sexes. A somewhat high raunch factor, however, necessitates a restrictive rating.

Movie: ‘Miss Bala’

“Miss Bala” (Columbia), director Catherine Hardwicke’s remake of a well-received 2011 Spanish-language film, is meant to be the tale of an ordinary woman discovering her inner toughness when placed in extraordinary circumstances.

Movie: ‘Serenity’

As anyone who has ever seen the 1944 film noir classic “Double Indemnity” will know, the answer is an emphatic yes. So much the worse for the cinematically flawed and ethically impoverished romantic thriller “Serenity” (Aviron).