Movie: ‘The Boss’

NEW YORK (CNS) — “The Boss” (Universal) is obviously intended as a comedy vehicle for its star and co-writer, Melissa McCarthy. Presumably, audiences were meant to be tickled by McCarthy’s brash humor and charmed by insights into her character’s vulnerable side. Unfortunately, whether she’s blithely exposing her rear end to other members of the cast […]

Movies ‘Creed,’ ‘Room,’ ‘The Martian’ among newest Christopher Award winners

The well-received feature films “Creed,” “The Martian” and “Room” are among 21 winners of Christopher Awards announced March 30 in New York. They are joined by an ABC News documentary on the Islamic State, comedian Jim Gaffigan’s cable sitcom and Dolly Parton’s made-for-TV movie “Coat of Many Colors.” The awards will be presented May 19 […]

Movie: ‘Easter Mysteries’ film to have one-night showing at select U.S. cinemas

DENVER (CNS) — During Holy Week, a new musical theater depiction of the Easter story will hit the big screen at nearly 300 movie theaters around the country for a special one-night showing March 22. Titled “Easter Mysteries,” the film was produced by Denver-based Fathom Events and New York-based SimonSays Entertainment. Tickets can be purchased […]

Movie: ‘London Has Fallen’

NEW YORK (CNS) — When North Korean terrorists besiege the White House in 2013’s “Olympus Has Fallen,” Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) leaps into action to save President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart). In the equally improbable and considerably more pitiless sequel “London Has Fallen” (Focus), Great Britain’s capital is devastated by insurgents controlled […]