Movie: ‘The Disaster Artist’

The fact-based comedy “The Disaster Artist” (A24) is certainly not a film for everyone. Wholly unsuitable for kids, it also includes elements that many adults will prefer to avoid.

Movie: ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas’

The charming fact-based historical drama, “The Man Who Invented Christmas” (Bleecker Street), involves no denial of the Nativity but tells the origin story of Victorian author Charles Dickens’ beloved 1843 novella, “A Christmas Carol.”

Movie: ‘Roman J. Israel, Esq.’

Writer-director Dan Gilroy’s drama “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” (Columbia) is a generally intriguing character study pitting idealism against the hard realities of contemporary life and the allure of wealth and comfort.

Movie: ‘Coco’

Will “Coco” (Disney) be your cup of tea? That largely depends on how well equipped you are to interpret this visually rich animated fantasy’s presentation of the afterlife, one which owes little to Christianity and much to the pre-Columbian beliefs associated with Mexico’s Day of the Dead.

Movie: ‘Lady Bird’

“Lady Bird” (A24) is writer-director Greta Gerwig’s sensitive autobiographical account of growing up in Sacramento, California.

Movie: ‘Justice League’

The global danger looming over “Justice League” (Warner Bros.) feels all-too-familiar, a case of Yogi Berra’s famous deja vu all over again.

Movie: ‘Wonder’

“Wonder” (Lionsgate) is a beautiful film about ugliness. Its protagonist is August “Auggie” Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), a 10-year-old boy born with facial deformities whose misshapen visage becomes a moral Rorschach test for the people around him.

Movie: ‘The Star’

A holiday treat suitable for all but the tiniest, “The Star” (Sony) is a delightful animated version of the Christmas story told from the perspective of some of the animals present in the manger.