Movie: ‘The Good Catholic’

A self-identified romantic comedy built around a priest’s struggle with his vocation is bound to be doubtful fare for viewers of faith.

Movie: ‘It’

Moviegoers looking for nothing more than to be unsettled will likely be satisfied with the horror adaptation “It” (Warner Bros.).

Movie: ‘Tulip Fever’

Horticulture was never as steamy — or silly — as in “Tulip Fever” (Weinstein), a period drama based on the 1999 novel by Deborah Moggach.

Movie: ‘Birth of the Dragon’

Along with good intentions and moral core, this film is filled with choreographed kicks and punches, and pleasing epigrammatic dialogue about near-monastic discipline and self-control, mixed in with a dusting of Asian spice.

Movie: ‘Leap!’

Ballet enthusiasts of all ages should jump at the chance to see the charming animated film “Leap!” (Weinstein).

Movie: ‘All Saints’

A low-key, fact-based drama “All Saints” (Sony) celebrates Christian faith and family life. Believers, accordingly, will likely be inclined to overlook its artistic shortcomings.

Movie: ‘Good Time’

Gritty and intense, the ironically titled crime drama “Good Time” (A24) actually charts some very grim hours in the lives of its central characters.

Movie: ‘Logan Lucky’

Director Steven Soderbergh reinvents his “Ocean’s Eleven” trilogy with a backwoods twist in “Logan Lucky” (Bleecker Street), a zany heist caper.