Movie: ‘Arctic Dogs’

“Arctic Dogs” (AMBI Group) serves up family-friendly fare, scoring high on the cuteness meter despite its lack of originality.

Movie – ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’

Grown fans of the action genre will find the sci-fi adventure “Terminator: Dark Fate” (Paramount) a serviceable diversion. Logicians dedicated to the details of cause and effect, not so much.

Movie: ‘Motherless Brooklyn’

Edward Norton wrote, directed and stars in “Motherless Brooklyn” (Warner Bros.) is a top-notch crime drama whose sound basic values are only tarnished by the gritty vocabulary of its script.

Movie: ‘The Divine Plan’

In theaters for one night only Nov. 6, the feature-length documentary “The Divine Plan” begins by introducing its two main players, both actors who knew how to work a crowd: St. John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan.

Movie: ‘By the Grace of God’

In the hard-hitting drama “By the Grace of God” (Music Box), similarly founded on real events, the scene shifts to Lyon, France, and the focus is on a group of survivors rather than journalists.