Movie: ‘Stuber’

With a shared-economy premise that’s no doubt meant to be timely and an odd-couple pairing as hoary as David Letterman’s beard, “Stuber” (Fox) takes viewers for a spin. But the result is no joy ride.

Movie: ‘Midsommar’

All dressed up as slow-moving psychological horror, “Midsommar” (A24) relies on the stale trope of feckless naive visitors to a primitive tribe that specializes in unnatural practices.

TV review: ‘Chasing the Moon,’ July 8, PBS

The deliberately paced yet often surprisingly revelatory six-hour film premieres as part of PBS’ “American Experience” series Monday, July 8, 8-10 p.m. (central time) and continues nightly through Wednesday, July 10.

Book describes Counter-Reformation content of Catholic art

The book’s aim is to show how Catholic art “saved the faith” in the aftermath of the Protestant Reformation that questioned important Catholic doctrines such as the number of sacraments, Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist and the intercession of Mary and the saints.

Video game: ‘Fallout 76’

“Fallout 76,” the highly anticipated multiplayer post-apocalyptic survival game from Bethesda, kicked up a nuclear mushroom cloud of controversy, complaints and confusion when it launched in autumn 2018.