Traveling exhibit brings home refugee crisis

A traveling interactive exhibit called “Forced from Home,” sponsored by Doctors Without Borders, intends to change that. The exhibit, which started in New York Sept. 16 and ends in Philadelphia Nov. 13 — with stops in between in Washington, Boston and Pittsburgh — aims to bring the refugee crisis closer to home by having participants walk — if not a mile, then at least 10,000 square feet — in a refugee’s shoes.

Young anthem singer hits all the right notes for Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have given fans little to cheer about in recent years, but a 15-year-old girl from a Toronto Catholic high school hopes to help change that. Martina Ortiz-Luis, a 10th-grade student from Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in Toronto, was recently selected from among more than 500 applicants to be the team’s official anthem singer for home games.

Unique travel guide highlights Quebec province’s spiritual treasures

“Guide to Spiritual and Religious Journeys in Quebec” by Siham Jamaa. A Ulysses Travel Guide (Montreal, 2016). 256 pp., $19.95. Just as France has its castles, Canada’s Quebec province “has its churches,” writer Siham Jamaa observes in her newly published “Guide to Spiritual and Religious Journeys in Quebec.” I doubt that many travelers return home […]

Longtime immigration reporter focuses on one teen in ‘Book of Isaias’

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Nobody’s story is cut and dried, as longtime immigration reporter Daniel Connolly learned when doing reporting for his book, “The Book of Isaias.” Connolly tracked the Mexican-born teenager throughout his senior year of high school in Memphis, Tennessee, and followed up at critical junctures in his life afterward. Isaias’ story has its […]

St. Cloud native reminisces about mentors, travels in new book

St. Cloud native Jim Studer uses Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” to introduce his newly published book “The Road Taken.” Studer states that Frost’s traveler never took the road less traveled: “as the poem seems to be a metaphor for life’s journey, there is no one road ‘less traveled by.’ We all travel our own road, which no one else has or ever will travel.”

Author sees 500th anniversary of Lutheranism as a Catholic one, too

The book addresses ecumenism as much as repentance, basing the first on the second. Present-day Western Christians have taken a close look at past theological clashes, some of which led to war. Yet Marty urges us to look to the present and future: “We know that the past is past. It does not exist. It cannot be changed. What can be changed is one’s attitude.” He bids that we ask ourselves how we today contribute to division within the church and to repent of this.