Evangelizing through the good

Moral rectitude, the concrete living out of the Christian way, especially when it is done in an heroic manner, can move even the most hardened unbeliever to faith, and the truth of this principle has been proven again and again over the centuries.

Help a neighbor, visit grandparents as part of Lent, pastor suggests

“Lent, as a penitential season, has been a teacher for thousands of years of the fruitfulness of self-discipline,” Sister Esther Mary Nickel, associate director of the Sioux City Diocese’s Office of Worship, said. “It is a fruitfulness that flourishes in a deeper love of God, which pours out also into love of neighbor.”

How a marriage strengthens and grows

“The family is the indispensable crucible in which spouses, parents and children … learn to communicate and to show generous concern for one another, and in which frictions and even conflicts have to be resolved not by force but by dialogue, respect, concern for the good of the other,” Pope Francis wrote.

Going to Mass strengthens our marriage

Sitting together during Mass is a weekly reminder that our life is directed by God. Perhaps it’s in the communal experience — seeing other families of different backgrounds and ages and realizing that our family is part of a larger family of Catholics.