Streamers, flowers, banners piled high as two squad cars become memorial

DALLAS (CNS) — It started with a single candle. Notes of encouragement, support and heartfelt condolences followed as did streamers, flowers, banners and balloons. A grieving city heaped its well-wishes, its heartache and its unending support upon a pair of squad cars parked in front of the Dallas Police Department headquarters. The ever-growing mound became […]

New campaign invites millennials to ‘come home’ to Catholic faith

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Catholics Come Home, an organization dedicated to inviting those back to the Catholic faith, has launched a new campaign meant to reach out to the millennial generation. In addition to its website, the campaign has created, an interactive website aimed at millennials who are seeking “something more.” “Our website […]

Pilgrims to take sharpened social media strategies to World Youth Day

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CNS) — Low-cost video messaging carried across increasingly video-friendly social media platforms will define this year’s World Youth Day experience, said several organizational leaders finalizing their media strategies. Due to the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, and their improved video-capture and mobile-application media-sharing capabilities, World Youth Day is likely to be […]