Home visits, new phone app fuel interest in Holy Face of Jesus devotion

A visit involves receiving a volunteer who leaves a picture of the Holy Face, based on the image that Jesus’ face left on Veronica’s veil during his passion, and asks the recipient to complete a nine-day novena and nine-day daily rosary. At the novena’s conclusion, the volunteer returns and says a prayer consecrating the home and family to the Holy Face of Jesus.

Priest needs liver transplant; will a donor show up in time?

Even though Father Mack has no kin eligible to donate part of their liver, enough people have learned of his plight to call the University of Rochester Medical Center to see if they are a match for the priest that appointments were backed up into mid-February.

Bryant relied on Catholic faith to see him through tough personal times

As the world mourned the loss of basketball great Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others killed in a tragic helicopter crash Jan. 26, many recalled how Bryant gave much credit to his Catholic faith for seeing him through the bad times and strengthening his marriage and family.