Laura Kelly Fanucci: The women who stayed

The women stayed at the foot of the cross. They did not desert Jesus. They cared for his beaten, bloody body. They went in the dark to anoint him at the tomb with oil and spices. They stayed faithful to the daily, loving work of caring for others in body and soul.

Solidarity with a mother grieving her dead son

For centuries, Catholics have felt a unique closeness to the grieving mother whose son died on a cross, unjustly. The injustice exacerbates her suffering. No mother deserves to undergo the death of a child, much less if the death is unjust. Mary did.

This is our night for telling stories

What if reading every night, to others or ourselves, could glimmer with the memory of Easter Vigil?
This is our night for telling stories. A night for remembering who we are.