Hitting the road for some blue bike therapy

Bruce came to my rescue. Again. Bruce is my bicycle repair man. He’s good. He’s fast. He’s reasonable. I like Bruce.

See, the thing of it is, I enjoy biking. Besides working in our garden, biking is my summer thing. Biking let’s me escape. To think. To pray. To plan. Biking is way more than just a physical activity for me. I’d consider it therapy. Blue bike therapy on my trusty baby blue Raleigh, if you will.

By Rita Meyer

There’s so much I see on my bike rides. God’s blessings, for sure. In the past week, I’ve seen numerous deer, sandhill cranes, monarch butterflies, and one black shiny salamander slithering across the highway that I could have done without. Those things are gross, especially having stepped on them barefoot in my younger days.

Besides creatures and critters, some other things I’ve especially enjoyed looking at are well-kept yards with beautiful blooming flowers.

There’s a farmyard to our south near Spring Hill that has an incredibly large and serene-looking statue of Mary. You know the pose — she’s looking downward with her hands pressed together in the praying position. Every time I bike past, I ask Mary to help me. Help me be a better wife. A better mom. A better daughter. A better friend.

Back in June, the rose bushes surrounding this statue of Mary were in full bloom. Since then, there’s always been at least one cluster of deep pink somewhere on the arch. Kinda just like God to keep things going. A reminder of his endless love for you and for me.

My hats off to the folks who keep the flowers on both sides of the Lake Wobegon Trailhead looking mighty fine in Holdingford. Same thing with the proprietors of Gordie’s Trailside Cafe in Bowlus. There are some mighty talented green thumbs out there.

God granted me so many great bike rides this summer. What’s been your summer go-to for a little escape? And, can you continue it for another season? I’m hoping the wheels aren’t done turning yet. Fall’s still my favorite! Here’s to more contemplation time from the padded seat of my Raleigh.

Rita Meyer is married and the mother of four children age 17 and under. She and her family are members of St. John the Baptist Parish in Meire Grove. Email her at ritameyer@meltel.net.

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