Caring about the cause and building camaraderie

Since I don’t work outside the home full time, I have the option (or maybe, opportunity?) of giving of my time to worthy causes.

Right about now, it feels like volunteering is my life. From now until the end of April, it kind of is. Here’s the deal: three children still at home equals two different large fundraisers for their two separate schools. Plus I’m the lead person for our women’s church group so that means organizing our annual spring supper.

By Rita Meyer

First things first: The St. John’s/St. Andrew’s Catholic School biggie — our 27th annual Steak and Wine Dinner and Auction at the Greenwald Pub on Saturday, Feb. 17, from 5 to 8:30 p.m. This is a fun night of community support, parent camaraderie and just all-around good time if you like to eat steak, walleye or chicken, drink complimentary wine and bid on some really cool auction items, all for the cause of the students.

My husband, Marv, and I are general co-chairs this year, so that means we’ll greet you, seat you and make sure you have a good time. Dinner tickets can be bought at the door upon arrival; no prior reservations necessary.

Next in chronological order: St. John the Baptist Church’s spring supper — our annual chicken dinner in the Meire Grove church basement on Sunday, April 15. I so wanted to have this event on Palm Sunday again like last year. I thought that worked really well and it made for a fantastic Holy Week with the time commitment of planning, organizing and preparing this large meal a done deal prior to focusing on Christ’s Passion.

But, no such luck this year due to an already-scheduled event by a neighboring parish that would decrease our guest count as well as theirs. So, April 15 it is. The Meire Grove church basement is where you will find a home-cooked meal just like you, your mom or your grandma used to make: baked chicken, ham, real mashed potatoes, dressing, creamed peas and lots of different kinds of pies for dessert. Serving is from 3:30-7:30 p.m. Again, no prior reservation required. I’ll even give you a second piece of pie if you mention you heard about our dinner from reading this article.

And, last: St. John’s Preparatory School’s largest fundraiser of the year — the Grand Tour of Nations at the Gorecki Center on the campus of the College of St. Benedict on Saturday, April 28. This year we’re “traveling” to Mexico so there will be lots of Mexican food as well as numerous items to bid on — both in the live and silent auction. I’m one of two parent coordinators so that means more of the same: planning, organizing, asking for donations and the like.

To me, the “fun” in “fundraising” is the people you work with. So far, I have been blessed to work with some amazing folks. Caring about the cause while working with others — it’s a winning combination. Shoot me an email if you have questions about any of these upcoming events. I’d love to hear from you.

Rita Meyer is married and the mother of four children. She and her family are members of St. John the Baptist Parish in Meire Grove. Email her at

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