95th Oscars: Victories for hope and for life

In between mildly mischievous commentary from Kimmel, the wildly imaginative dramedy “Everything Everywhere All at Once” became the night’s big winner, followed by the grimly realistic adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s classic 1928 anti-war novel “All Quiet on the Western Front.”

Movie: ’65’

Feeling nostalgic for the Mesozoic Era? You won’t be after seeing the sci-fi adventure “65” (Sony).

Movie: ‘Scream VI’

The dreary horror flick “Scream VI” (Paramount) is the latest entry in a franchise that now looks desperate for ways to rejigger its formula of attractive young actors getting stabbed by its trademark masked killer, Ghostface.

Movie: ‘Champions’

Positive basic values, including an implicit pro-life message, underlie the somewhat rough-grained surface of the sports comedy “Champions” (Focus).

Movie: ‘Creed III’

Four and a half decades on from the bicentennial year in which it premiered, the “Rocky” franchise is still a cinematic gift that keeps on giving.

Movie: ‘Cocaine Bear’

Moviegoers would be justified in expecting a film called “Cocaine Bear” (Universal) to showcase some off-kilter ursine shenanigans (and, perhaps, some human ones as well).

Movie: ‘Jesus Revolution’

Refreshingly free of the usual objectionable ingredients, this generally appealing Evangelically-flavored look back at a somewhat surprising chapter in Baby Boomer history is doctrinally dodgy but ethically uplifting.