Media Notebook: The Blood of Jesus

One of the two highpoints of Williams’ career, according to a consensus of critics and scholars, is his 1941 religiously-themed drama “The Blood of Jesus.”

Movie review: ‘Lourdes’

In this documentary, to be rereleased in theaters Feb. 8 and 9, filmmakers Alban Teurlai and Thierry Demaiziere present a moving portrait of one of the world’s most popular pilgrimage sites and of the suffering people who are drawn to it.

Movie review: ‘Missing’

Directors Will Merrick and Nick Johnson keep viewers guessing with the ever-shifting plot developments of this internet-focused thriller, a stand-alone sequel to 2018’s “Searching.”

Movie: ‘The Pale Blue Eye’

In adapting Bayard’s work for the screen, moreover, writer-director Scott Cooper, whose eponymous film is currently streaming on Netflix, gets things off to a promising start.