Video game: ‘Close to the Sun’

Set in 1897, the horror adventure game “Close to the Sun” (Wired Productions) reimagines history and the real-life feud between two great pioneers of technology: Nikola Tesla (voice of Jannik Archer) and Thomas Edison.

Video game: ‘Hitman 3’

The latest iteration of a franchise that’s now more than 20 years old, “Hitman 3” (IO Interactive) finds its protagonist, an assassin known only as Agent 47 (voice of David Bateson), working to dismantle a secret organization and avenge himself against his former employers.

Video game: When the Past Was Around

Sometimes simple games have the greatest stories to tell, as evidenced by “When the Past Was Around” (Chorus Worldwide), a point-and-click puzzle game about love, loss and letting go.

Video game: ‘FIFA 21’

“FIFA 21” (Electronic Arts), the latest installment in a long-running soccer video game franchise dating back to 1993, offers only slight upgrades to last year’s edition.