First Century FEAST December 26 Christianity’s first martyr was probably a Greek Jew. Stephen’s story is recounted in the Acts of the Apostles. He was among […]

Blessed Adolf Kolping

1813 – 1865 Feast Date: December 4 As a shepherd and shoe-factory worker, Adolf experienced poverty and social upheaval in 19th-century Germany. He worked 12-hour days, […]

Gelasius I

d. 496 FEAST November 21 St. Gelasius became pope in 492. Immediately he faced several difficult problems. He had to deal with several Arian kings who […]

Edmund the Martyr

841 – circa 869 FEAST November 20 An English patriot-king, Edmund began life with a Saxon lineage and Christian upbringing. He may have been elected king […]

Elizabeth of Hungary

1207 – 1231 FEAST November 17 Elizabeth’s short life was nonetheless full; she had a happy marriage and children, was a secular Franciscan, and was so […]

Gertrude the Great

1256-1302 FEAST November 16 Born in Germany’s Thuringia state, this virgin was entrusted at the age of 5 to the Cistercian nuns at Saxony’s Helfta Abbey, […]

Blessed Lucy of Narni

1476- 1544 FEAST November 15 Lucia Brocadelli wanted to become a nun, but when she was 15, her family arranged her marriage to a count. After […]

Francis Cabrini

1850-1917 FEAST November 13 In 1946, Mother Cabrini was the first U.S. citizen to be canonized; she is the universal patron of immigrants. She was born […]