Bishop Kettler video message: Charting a path forward

“We understand that these are difficult decisions for our civic leaders and that they have many factors to consider in the reopening of life in Minnesota,” Bishop Kettler says in his latest video message.”The bishops of Minnesota also have difficult decisions to make as we determine when to allow public worship with more than 10 people.”

Bishop Kettler video message: Hungering for the Risen Lord

“How often, when we hear this story about Thomas, do we admonish him — and maybe ourselves, too — for doubting, for wanting proof?” Bishop Kettler asks in his latest Friday VIDEO message reflecting on Sunday’s Gospel reading. “We see this as a negative thing. But perhaps God is asking us today to see doubt in a new way. What if we look at Thomas’ questions as ‘hungers’ rather than doubts?”

Bishop Kettler video message: Staying connected in this time of trial

“Like you, I miss a lot of things because of the stay-at-home order. But what I miss the most is celebrating the Eucharist with you in person: the people of God. I’ve heard from many of you about how difficult it is not to be able to attend Mass at this time or pray together in our churches. This is necessary, however, to keep everyone safe and healthy. So we must look at other ways to gather.”