Greg Erlandson: Catholics weigh in with their concerns

According to the recently released “national synthesis,” which brought together feedback from 178 dioceses and 112 organizations for a total of 22,000 individual reports, Catholics were motivated to sound off: the good, the bad, the concerning.

Listening to young Catholics

“While class members are passionate about their faith and serving in the church, they seemed far less polarized than many Catholics of my generation.”

St. Titus Brandsma: Lessons in faith and courage

Like Jesus who died on the cross, it is by his actions more than his appearance that we know and celebrate the work of St. Titus Brandsma, canonized May 15 by Pope Francis.

Maureen Pratt: Being Catholic, being known

“Not all of the hard-working professionals who treat patients in a Catholic setting will be aware of what the faith practices of the patients (and, for that matter, the staff) are and how to see that the spiritual needs of those suffering are met.”

Inside the Capitol: The Church as a thermostat

“The longer the culture is running cold or hot on an issue, it can begin to feel normal even if it demotes life, dignity and the common good. Therefore, we need the Church and all her members to be thermostats.”

Hosffman Ospino: Love and support catechists

“We should avoid taking our catechists for granted. Our faith communities need to cultivate a permanent culture of support for our catechists.”