Mary Marrocco: Living sexuality in the church’s embrace

“A young Catholic couple were not engaged, but hoping to get there. At a certain point, naturally enough, Anne and Simon found it difficult not to engage in sexual relations. Instead, they quarreled.”

Amy Uelmen: The buddy system for political dialogue

“It is an understatement to say that political polarization in our communities is intense. Some people are close to despair that they will ever be able to have a fruitful conversation with a person of another political party.”

Greg Erlandson: What comes after the pandemic?

“While we are still in the midst of the worst pandemic of the past century, with almost 200,000 people dead in our country alone, Pope Francis is thinking about what comes next. What do we do the day after we exit the field hospital?”

Archbishop Paul D. Etienne: Preserving our mission

“While we also support our local parish and diocese, national collections allow modest gifts to the collection basket to make multi-million-dollar differences on lives and communities here at home and around the world.”