Laura Kelly Fanucci: Where is God on your calendar?

“If someone found your planner on the bus or a stranger glanced at your calendar on the wall or a hacker gained access to your phone’s events, would they see any sign you were a Catholic?”

Papal apology: A Canadian perspective

“Making good things happen doesn’t mean wrong things never happened. Wrongs are history. They endure. But actions, particularly actions that seek genuine forgiveness, can be signifiers of change, indeed, of progress.”

Elise Italiano Ureneck: Choose your words carefully

“If we continue to view one another as occupying intellectual and spiritual spaces at the edges of what’s acceptable, we’ll feel justified in pushing our perceived enemies over the line and into the abyss.”

Greg Erlandson: In defense of funerals

“There is a sobering beauty to the funeral Mass and the ritual procession to the gravesite. There is a wisdom to gathering in the church hall for casseroles and remembrances.”

Katie Prejean McGrady: The grace to listen well

“Listening is the posture God takes with us. We dump out everything in our heads and hearts, mundane details and gigantic problems, and he does not become annoyed by us.”

Complete overhaul of immigration law needed to solve border crisis

How does the United States maintain its reputation and conformity to international law that states it cannot return persons to perilous situations and should provide asylum-seekers a hearing, while at the same controlling its borders when vast numbers seek asylum?