Effie Caldarola: A morning offering

“The poet Mary Oliver said, ‘It is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning in this broken world.'”

Katie Prejean McGrady: The grace to endure

“In a real way, the grace of marriage and the sacramental moments are seen when sick kids are lying on a couch, when a husband pours his wife a cup of coffee, when a decision is made about jobs or homes.”

Lessons from a COVID-19 infection

Catholic News Service editor-in-chief Greg Erlandson reflects on what he learned during his quarantine experience.

Maureen Pratt: Let us bring the quiet

“We can walk away, stop the flow of angry or insistent rhetoric, turn the ringer of the phone off or, at least, not take random robocalls personally. We can be nurturers of the quiet we so dearly want.”

Greg Erlandson: The lethal tenderness of the death doctors

“Regardless of our abilities or disabilities, none of us should feel that we have to die to have dignity, that we have to die to be relieved of pain, or that we should die to stop burdening our families or society.”