Laura Kelly Fanucci: Catching God at the ballfield

“Often we picture God like an umpire: crouching down whenever we step up to the plate, waiting to call strikes and outs, watching for the least infraction. But ours is a God of justice and mercy. Not simply the judge with the rulebook and the last word, but also love incarnate.”

Greg Erlandson: Giving birth to a new movement

“The persistent challenge that has faced us for half a century and will likely face us for half a century more is not how to change elected officials, but how to change hearts and minds.”

‘Forming Ourselves in Synodality’

“We should not simply ‘do the synod’ and then forget the disciplines it called us to. Rather, we should let this experience inform our future activities. This will be occasioned by a patient discernment marked by a desire to accompany, to listen, to know, to love and to give our lives over to Christ.”

Report about YouTube shows kids exposed to derogatory videos

A report issued in June by Common Sense Media, featuring research by a team from the University of Michigan, showed that ethnic and racial disparities exist in the videos YouTube’s algorithm suggests or recommends to young children, tweens and teens.

Action needed now to stop gun violence

“Three families right here in Minnesota lost precious fourth-grade relatives in the shooting at Robb Elementary School.”