Embrace the Eucharistic dynamic: change the world

Jesus’ entire existence was Eucharistic. If we are going to live as his disciples and respond wholeheartedly to the gift of his grace, our lives need to be marked by a Eucharistic dynamic.

Looking for signs and Nineveh

The Gospels are full of the marvelous deeds of Jesus, including how Jonah became a sign to the city of Nineveh. During our 40 days, may we seek to see how God sends us out, like Jonah, to be a sign of Christ’s limitless mercy.

In praise of singing

Full and active participation in the liturgy means not just silent respect but singing, too. The cantor or choir are meant to be the leaders we follow, not the soloists we watch. We are not spectators but participants in these sacred mysteries.

Love makes room

Questions lingered in the mind of this father as he learned of his wif’es pregnancy. Was I too old at 50 to be the father of a sixth child? How would we pay for the countless expenses that would go into raising an even larger family?