Praying for Bishop Álvarez, with Benedict, Van Thuan and Kung

“This story has nudged me to pray for the exiles, but especially for Bishop Álvarez, and to offer fasts of food and small pleasures for his good — for his well-being, his spirit, his fortitude — for his freedom, should God will it.”

‘Moo like a cow?’ Indeed I will!

“When we can’t find the words to express our love for God, our thankfulness to God, our sorrow for our sins or our anguish in difficult life situations, we have countless structured prayers that give us voice.”

Catholics are missing the whole point of baptism

“Long before the baby is born and the invitations are in the mail, we need to ensure that people understand, and deeply, that baptism is more than an excuse for a get-together; it is a transformative moment of grace.”

Six ways I can make my parish better

“Even the best parishes can become even better when parishioners take an active interest in making the parish grow and prosper.”

The greatest of these is love

In my work as a Catholic writer, my favorite question is my closer: “What do you know for sure?”