This Lent, say sorry — and mean it

Lent is a time of reparation — a season of sorrow for sins committed and expressions of a sincere desire to reform our lives. But what does it mean to be sorry?

Fasting and abstinence: More than laws of the church

Fasting and abstinence are church-imposed penitential practices of self-denial that dispose us to free ourselves from worldly distractions, to express our longing for Jesus, and to somehow imitate his suffering.

Valentine’s Day, life as a couple and Ash Wednesday

This year, Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day fall on the same day. Many will think that we will not be able to celebrate with our partners, but there are interesting parallels between true love as a couple and Lent.

Let God choose your Lent

As Catholics consider the Lenten question of sacrifice, it can sometimes feel a lot like a competition, a 40-day spiritual marathon with winners and losers.

How deep are our divisions?

The musical movie “Mean Girls” could be one way to understand our highly polarized and politicized world today. Americans increasingly identify with one political group and react with hostility or fear to those who are not in their group.

Five reasons why I’m still marching for life

While pro-lifers rightly view the landmark Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision as a significant judicial victory, attending the national March for Life is more important now than ever. Here are five reasons why.