St. Cloud Fraternity of Secular Franciscans celebrates 100 years at annual Spring Gathering in Little Falls

What do tacos and coffee have to do with St. Francis? During a regional gathering of The Queen of Peace Regional Fraternity of Secular Franciscans, the St. Cloud Fraternity marked its 100th anniversary, hearing from guest speakers including Franciscan Sister Michelle L’Allier and Shawn Colberg, dean of Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary.

What do we do when our heroes let us down?

We can ignore Bill Cosby’s comedy routines or skip Woody’s latest flick. We can take the picture down from the living room wall. But do we strip the mosaics from a church?

Let’s make it easier for families to welcome their newest members

This week’s Inside the Capitol column focuses on one Families First policy proposal that would make life a bit easier for new parents by reducing the tax burden they encounter when purchasing necessities for their newborn baby: a sales tax exemption on baby products.

When most Hispanics were Catholic…

The biggest phenomenon affecting Hispanics in America is this: they are religiously disaffiliating, which has become a de facto highway into secularization.

O Life! O Death! O Mystery!

“Death is a mystery, an unknown. Jesus taught us, despite his fear in the garden, how to die well — with integrity and commitment. But he first taught us how to live, and that is our focus during this Easter season.”