Racism is a disease that must be cured

Many diseases frighten us — as well they should. Over the years, we have learned important details about some of our most virulent illnesses — their causes and their cures — yet when outbreaks occur, even with our advanced medical discoveries, they can cause uneasiness or even panic.

Advancing the freedom to serve

Religious freedom issues have certainly been in the news in the U.S. over the past several years — from the Little Sisters of the Poor to the freedom of organizations to hire people who aim to serve the mission of the organization.

Rethinking Thanksgiving after the Year of Mercy

This year, Thanksgiving week starts right after the formal conclusion of the Extraordinary Year of Mercy. How do we incorporate what we have gained from the prayers, talks, readings and reflections that most of us took part in during the year to shape the way we think about and celebrate Thanksgiving?

No one benefits when public discourse lacks respect, civility

Our nation is deeply divided along a number of political, economic and social fault lines. As a people, we seem to have given in to a form of discourse and argumentation that lacks basic respect and civility. We may not like the negative political ads or the candidates arguing and debating as if facing mortal enemies, but we are part of the culture that makes it possible.

Make voting ‘down ballot’ a top priority

Over the past several months, many faithful Catholics have expressed deep dissatisfaction with this year’s presidential election, and understandably so: Neither major party candidate seems personally guided by a consistent ethic of life, and there are deep, concerning questions about the character of both.