Grant will help Albany school families receive a Catholic education

Holy Family School in Albany was recently awarded a $10,250 grant for the 2016-2017 academic year from the Kremer Foundation in Naples, Florida.

“Families with young children have many financial challenges today,” said Bonnie Massmann, Holy Family’s principal. “Making the decision to choose a Catholic school should be available to every Catholic family, regardless of their ability to pay tuition.”

Holy Family School in Albany.
Holy Family School in Albany.

According to its website, the foundation, established by George and Mary Kremer in 1985, provides tuition grants for Catholic elementary schools in the continental United States and is intended to benefit children from financially challenged families.

Massmann anticipates the grant will help at least six families.

She first applied for the grant in 2010 after learning about it at the National Catholic Educational Association’s national convention that same year.

“After I applied in 2010, I actually forgot all about it,” she said. “And to our surprise they called and asked if we were still interested in being considered for the grant.”

Massmann updated the school’s information and resubmitted the grant request. To be eligible for the program, the school needed to show a financial need for tuition assistance among its families. Once a school is accepted into the grant program, the school becomes part of the program annually as long as it continues to show that there is a need.

Massmann encouraged families who are experiencing financial strain to complete an application. She will review the applications and determine who qualifies and what the amount of each individual grant will be.

Additionally, the foundation requires the school to submit documentation to show how the funds were distributed. The total yearly grant for Holy Family depends on the financial status of the foundation and the number of families from the school fitting the income levels set by the foundation.

Next year, the cost of tuition at Holy Family School for the kindergarten through grade-six program will be $2,090 per student with a $5,450 per family cap.

Massmann is grateful to have been awarded the grant and is hopeful for the future of Catholic schools.
“The Catholic school gives students the opportunity to see their faith as an integral part of everything they do and develop skills that will help them lead our church in the future,” she said.

Author: Kristi Anderson

Kristi Anderson is the editor of The Central Minnesota Catholic Magazine for the Diocese of St. Cloud.

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