Hundreds gather for ‘United for Life’ event at State Capitol

Pro-lifers from around the state gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol Feb. 28 for a “United for Life” pro-life advocacy day.

After a morning rally in the Capitol rotunda, participants spent the afternoon meeting with their legislators to discuss pro-life issues and bills. Attendees were also able to network with other pro-life organizations and leaders.

Father Derek Wiechmann talks with Sen. Nathan Wesenberg. (Gianna Bonello / The Central Minnesota Catholic)

Several groups from the Diocese of St. Cloud traveled to St. Paul for the day, including 42 participants from the Four Pillars of Faith Area Catholic Community which includes Mora, Milaca, Ogilvie, and Foreston.

Barb Kotsmith from St. Mary in Milaca said she wanted to come to United for Life because she felt the PRO Act, or the Protect Reproductive Options Act, signed by Gov. Tim Walz Feb. 1 moved through the legislative process too quickly and should not have become law.

“Life is something that is worth fighting for with every bit of my life,” she said.

Tara Taylor, a member of St. Mary in Mora, brought her 5-month-old son, Jacob.

“Prior to being pregnant I was pro-life, but then actually going through pregnancy and being able to feel another soul within, everything makes me more emotional now. I just cannot believe that people don’t recognize that, at the moment of conception, there’s life,” Taylor said.

About 650 people from across the state attended the event. (Gianna Bonello / The Central Minnesota Catholic)

She said she recognized that even if someone feels they can’t raise a child, there are families who wish they could have a child and would consider adoption. She mentioned a friend who is struggling with her pregnancy and is considering adoption.

Ciara Cassidy, a high school senior, said she joined the group because “I just think that the bills that are being passed are obviously wrong, and I just came to stand up for what’s right.”

Father Derek Wiechmann, pastor of the Four Pillars in Faith Area Catholic Community, attended the event with his parishioners.

“It’s been very inspiring, just the conviction for what is right among the parishioners and their desire to spread that,” Father Wiechmann said.

United for Life was a joint effort between the Minnesota Catholic Conference, Minnesota Family Council, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, Pro-Life Action Ministries, and the University of St. Thomas Prolife Center.

Pictured above: Participants gathered in the State Capitol Rotunda. (Gianna Bonello / The Central Minnesota Catholic)

Author: Gianna Bonello

Gianna Bonello is a multimedia reporter for The Central Minnesota Catholic Magazine.

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