Inside the Capitol: Making abortion unthinkable

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By Minnesota Catholic Conference

The overturning of Roe v. Wade is not an end, it is just the beginning. This has been the refrain from the pro-life movement since the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. So, if this is just the beginning, how do we get to the end, where abortion is not simply illegal but truly unthinkable?

The Dobbs decision calls Catholics to double down on our existing efforts to walk with moms in need. This work has already been underway for decades through the tireless and selfless efforts of countless individuals, and especially of our pregnancy resource centers. Together, we must cultivate a civilization of love that cares for both the mother and child before and after birth. And we must assist our elected officials in implementing policies that will truly make abortion unthinkable.

Unfortunately, in Minnesota where abortion remains legal, the battle on Capitol Hill for hearts and minds will continue to be uphill. 

In the week following the Dobbs ruling, 46% of Govl Tim Walz’s official Twitter posts were not about being “One Minnesota” but instead expressed his staunch support for abortion and maintaining its availability in Minnesota. Two of his recent tweets read:

“I know Minnesotans share the fear and pain people across the country are feeling. But we never back down from a challenge. Today and every day, I stand with Minnesotans in the fight to protect access to reproductive health care and abortion.”

Let me be very clear: This ruling changes nothing in Minnesota today, tomorrow, or as long as I am governor. We will not turn back the clock on reproductive rights.”

Gov. Walz went beyond social media rhetoric to the pronouncement of an executive order commanding state agencies “not to assist other states’ attempts to seek civil, criminal or professional sanctions against anyone seeking, providing or obtaining legal abortion services in Minnesota.”

The desire to further enshrine the taking of innocent life into our state’s laws was also seen among legislators with Speaker of the House Rep. Melissa Hortman issuing a statement calling for the election of more pro-choice lawmakers.

That passion was met with a tepid two-sentence response issued by Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller in which he committed his caucus “to working together to find consensus on protections for babies and support for moms and families who choose life.”

What is most concerning about these statements is what our elected officials have failed to say: precisely that we must make abortion unthinkable. We accomplish this by passing life-affirming policies such as increased funding for the Positive Alternatives Grants program, family leave policies and economic supports such as a child tax credit, just to name a few.

With so many possibilities, now is the time for Catholics reinvigorated by the overturning of Roe to passionately continue up the hill to advocate for policies that make sure no woman ever feels the need to think about abortion.


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