Sixth Station: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

By Sarah Heidelberger
St. Bartholomew Parish, Villard

St. Paul in Sauk Centre

My Jesus, here you are, hardly on the road to Calvary and already you are barely recognizable. Simon of Cyrene has been pressed into service to assist you in carrying the heavy cross on the narrow path while those around you push and jeer. Where are all of the followers now? Those you healed and those who heard your words every day? I ask myself the questions, but also wonder if I were in that place and in that time, how would I have responded?

I want to believe with all my heart that I would go the distance with you and I would step forward out of the crowd just as Veronica did to wipe your face. If only to give you some brief consolation and to push past my own selfish concerns of what others will think.

Veronica’s small act of kindness along your journey is not to be lightly disregarded. It prompts me to find ways this Lent to serve those in my life and surroundings as Jesus. To offer seemingly simple acts of service and kindness to those with whom I share life’s journey.

Dear Jesus, open my eyes to see your face in the needs of others this Lent. Help me to take a leap of faith like Veronica did, to step out of the crowd without a backward glance and be open to serving others without repayment or acknowledgment.

Author: The Visitor

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