Gift taken for granted

Catholic schools are a source of catechesis, not only for the students who attend them, but for entire families, with parents, grandparents and others benefiting from the experience.

Celebrating the value of Catholic education

The Diocese of St. Cloud celebrated Catholic Schools Week by holding Masses at two locations simultaneously Jan. 31. Two thousand students and teachers from the St. Cloud area Catholic Community Schools gathered at Cathedral High School, while 600 were on hand at St. John’s Abbey Church in Collegeville. 

Celebrating the significant contributions made by Catholic schools

National Catholic Schools Week Jan. 28-Feb. 3 highlights the significant contribution of the 6,300 Catholic schools that serve 1.8 million students and their families and communities. This week gives us much to celebrate and provides an opportunity to advocate for greater government support to make it possible for more parents to choose the best school for their child.