Jason Adkins: Blaine Amendments and bigotry

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently deliberating a case involving a Montana state constitutional provision steeped in historic anti-Catholic bigotry. The justices’ decision could drastically impact the future of school choice programs across the country.

Minnesota Legislature sets budget targets

The big news at the Capitol last week was the release by the Minnesota House and Senate of their budget targets. These targets are important because they set a framework for how much spending each committee is allowed to do in relationship to the overall state budget. 

How much will expansion of ‘529’ savings plans help Catholic schools?

Named after Section 529 in the Internal Revenue System’s tax code, the plans allowed parents to invest money for their children’s college education. Now, 529 plans can be used to sock money away for grade school and high school tuition in private schools — including Catholic schools — while accruing the same tax benefits as have the college plans.