The hope inherent in the Eucharistic banquet

When the church speaks of the need for unity, we typically gravitate to the important work of ecumenism…but, most regrettably, the need for unity has become an increasing and acute concern within our own fold.

This is the way: The Eucharistic pilgrimage of the Mass

As someone who leads an apostolate for Catholic pilgrimage, I often get asked which one pilgrimage journey is my favorite. Easy answers recount long, arduous pilgrimages between California missions, or through the Wisconsin farmland that leads us to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a local girl.

My favorite pilgrimage, however, is the one I make each time I attend Mass.

‘Communion’: For the life of the world, ‘come-unity’

“Perhaps a fruit of our Eucharistic Revival will be a reinvigoration of our desire to foster ecclesial communion. It’s the Eucharist itself that establishes and reinforces the communion of believers. The Eucharist is the tie that binds.”