Marian Blue Wave group prays rosary outside Planned Parenthood in D.C.

“Marian Blue Wave participants commit to pray a weekly rosary with the specific intentions of ending all types of abortions — including surgical, pill, contraceptive and in vitro fertilization — and shutting down every Planned Parenthood facility in America,” said a news release from the organization.

Elise Italiano Ureneck: Choose your words carefully

“If we continue to view one another as occupying intellectual and spiritual spaces at the edges of what’s acceptable, we’ll feel justified in pushing our perceived enemies over the line and into the abyss.”

European bishops’ group criticizes EU Parliament resolution on abortion

A resolution that passed the European Parliament criticizing the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion and calling for inclusion in the Charter of the European Union of a universal right to abortion is part of a “radical political” agenda that threatens basic human rights and the cohesion of the union.