Enlarge the tent: Synod document sees desire for greater inclusion

The document released Oct. 27 is the result of a group reflection on the syntheses of synod discussions submitted by 112 of the world’s 114 bishops’ conferences, all 15 Eastern churches, 17 of the 23 dicasteries of the Roman Curia, the men’s and women’s international unions of superiors general, dozens of Catholic associations and more than 1,000 individuals.

The three most important lessons from the synod (so far)

“There is no way to be certain of the outcome of a process like a worldwide synod. Participants must be willing to be surprised, disappointed or even chastened by some of the feedback that comes out of local and regional deliberations.”

Greg Erlandson: Catholics weigh in with their concerns

According to the recently released “national synthesis,” which brought together feedback from 178 dioceses and 112 organizations for a total of 22,000 individual reports, Catholics were motivated to sound off: the good, the bad, the concerning.