Some say migrants could stem inflation by easing labor shortage pains

The Associated Press story said that “after immigration to the United States tapered off during the Trump administration — then ground to a near complete halt for 18 months during the coronavirus pandemic — the country is waking up to a labor shortage partly fueled by that slowdown.”

A relatively subdued Trump highlights immigration policies at border

For one of the last visits of his presidency, Trump chose the Rio Grande Valley, the setting of some of his most criticized immigration polices — separation of families and detention of minors — to emerge from public and political isolation following the U.S. Capitol attacks.

Lisa Montgomery put to death after Supreme Court reversal

After a flurry of court decisions, the Supreme Court reversed a pair of rulings from federal appeals courts that had put death-row inmate Lisa Montgomery’s execution on hold, and it denied two other last-minute requests to postpone the execution.

Federal judge orders full restoration of DACA program

A federal judge Dec. 4 said the Trump administration must fully restore the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, after the program that protects qualifying young adult immigrants from deportation was suspended this summer by Chad Wolf, acting Homeland Security secretary.