Pope clarifies roles at Vatican bank, sets term limits

In a document signed by the pope Jan. 30 and published by the Vatican March 7, Pope Francis said the update particularly seeks “to clearly and distinctly define the areas of respective competence and responsibility of the organs of the institute most involved in its management — strategic and operational — while still maintaining the spirit of close and loyal cooperation.”

Inside the Capitol: Whom should I vote for?

“This year, Minnesota’s bishops have offered a statement about how to prioritize the principles of Catholic social teaching in light of the signs of the times, particularly during an election-year debate in which abortion dominates the headlines.”

Inside the Capitol: The Church as a thermostat

“The longer the culture is running cold or hot on an issue, it can begin to feel normal even if it demotes life, dignity and the common good. Therefore, we need the Church and all her members to be thermostats.”

2020 election once again highlights Electoral College

The Electoral College and the College of Cardinals once shared strong similarities when the U.S. body was created in 1788. And the College of Cardinals may have even inspired the name of the Electoral College, which doesn’t appear in the U.S. Constitution.