Thirteenth Station: Jesus is Taken Down From The Cross and Placed In the Arms of His Mother

By Kristin Molitor
New Evangelization coordinator for the parish cluster of St. Stanislaus Kostka in Bowlus; All Saints in Holdingford; and Immaculate Conception in St. Anna

Immaculate Conception in St. Anna

Blessed Mother, as I watch you cradle your crucified son in your arms, I feel the need to look away. The beauty and sorrow of this tender moment is almost too much to behold, and I feel like I’m intruding on this intimate exchange of love. I watch you tenderly stroke Jesus’ tear-streaked face with hands that expertly know the contours of his face. I watch you gently press his sacred head to your Immaculate Heart, and I sense that silence is the only language fitting for this moment.

Your throbbing heart that beats against your son’s sacred head communicates everything that words fail to express: your deep love, anguish and sorrow. But deeper still, your heart expresses your absolute trust and steadfast hope in your son. When all seems lost, when all seems hopeless, meaningless and desolate, you continue to believe in your son. The sheer strength of your mother’s love is revealed for all the world to see in this tender and sacred moment.

As mother of the redeemer, you are also mother of the redeemed. You are my mother. You expertly wipe the tears from my face, too. In my darkest moments, when all seems hopeless, meaningless and desolate, you have hope in me and continue to believe in me, too. You contemplate the beauty of your son in me and you know the prize that awaits me. Unwavering is your love for me. Unwavering is your hope in me.

Blessed Mother, reveal your Immaculate Heart to me. Help me to see the love you have for me. Help me to receive the love your son has for me.

Author: The Visitor

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