What opportunities for growth do you have this Lent?

What is God trying to teach me now? A few weeks ago, he blessed us with beautiful new snow. Then, soon after, the thermometer read 40 degrees. That was 60 degrees warmer than just 10 days before. Incredible. Yes, the warmth is nice; however, for cross-country skiing, not so much. The snow is too sticky. There’s no slide. No glide. And with each new day that follows, its existence becomes less and less.

By Rita Meyer
By Rita Meyer

So, does this mean I should be working on other things besides getting in a good workout? It’s not like there aren’t plenty of other things I could work on — should work on. The problem is, I had my heart set on more cross-country skiing this winter. We’ve had such “minimal snow” winters lately — or I’ve been too busy with volunteering commitments — that I feel like my favorite sport is going unchecked. Again.

The thing of it is, we’re into Lent now and with Lent comes a little sacrificing. So, just because I wanted to be out there enjoying the trails that my wonderful husband makes for me behind the snowmobile, doesn’t mean I get to. That’s life. God has other plans.

What are these plans? I’m not sure. But there are lots of things (some people call them “opportunities” of the unpaid nature) that I’ve been saying “yes” to lately so they must be preparing me for a better-equipped tomorrow. If we keep learning from our experiences, that’s growth. And growth in the Lord’s direction — and recognizing his guiding hand in everything we do — is the kind of forward progress I want to make.

Taking ownership

As an example, I learned a valuable lesson after agreeing to be videotaped preparing one of the Rice Bowl recipes from Catholic Relief Services for The Visitor’s website. My youngest, Miranda, is a picky eater. Just like Justine, age 14, used to be. Both girls agreed to help me prepare Bean and Squash Soup over Rice, the week 4 featured recipe from Honduras. The recipe is really good. And easy. Try it.

Miranda washed vegetables, diced them and added them to the soup kettle as well as other ingredients. And, when it came time to video us sitting down to pray and eat together, she ate it! She would have never done that at home if I had plopped the bowl of soup in front of her and said, “Eat up, Sweets. This is lunch.”

But because she had helped prepare it, she took ownership of it and actually tried it and liked it. So, note to self, get the girl helping me in the kitchen more often if I want her to eat more than just pizza and macaroni and cheese.

Speaking of the kitchen, my coffee maker hasn’t been used since the day before Ash Wednesday. The goal is no coffee until Easter Sunday morning. Can I do this? Yes, I will do this! Stay tuned to see if I survive (as well as the other five members of the house without getting their heads bit off).

Rita Meyer is married and the mother of four children age 16 and under. She and her family are members of St. John the Baptist Parish in Meire Grove. Email her at ritameyer@meltel.net.


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