Just what is the truth about Norma McCorvey?

While McCorvey’s real outlook and motivation remain elusive, two things can be said with certainty: first, that she was a complicated person and second, that everyone interviewed for filmmaker Nick Sweeney’s profile of McCorvey has an agenda of his or her own.

Head of FDA urged to ensure any COVID vaccine be free of abortion connection

The chairmen of four U.S. bishops’ committees — joined by the leaders of several health care, bioethics and pro-life organizations — “urgently and respectfully” implored the commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ensure any vaccines developed for the coronavirus “are free from any connection to abortion.”

Argentine bishops oppose plan to legalize abortion

The Argentine bishops’ conference has publicly expressed its opposition to government plans to present legislation decriminalizing abortion, saying the South American country had more pressing social concerns.