Clement Mary Hofbauer

1751-1820 March 15 A baker, Czech-born Johannes Hofbauer, after a period of solitary living and wandering between Rome and Vienna, established the Redemptorists north of the […]

Katharine Drexel

1858 – 1955 March 3 The daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia banker, Katharine received marriage proposals but wanted to become a contemplative nun. After inheriting a […]


third century February 14 How Feb. 14 came to be celebrated as the feast for lovers is somewhat a mystery. What little is known of the […]

Cyril and Methodius

ninth century February 14 These Greek brothers were distinguished even before they became “the apostles of the Slavs.” Cyril taught in Constantinople and Methodius was a […]

Anthony of Egypt

Associated with the beginnings of monasticism, Anthony gave his inherited lands and wealth in Egypt to the poor.

John of Kanty

c. 1390-1473 FEAST: December 23 Greatly revered in his native Poland, this saint, also known as John Cantius, spent most of his life teaching at the […]

Our Lady of Guadalupe

16th century FEAST: December 12 Under this title, Our Lady is the patron of Mexico, the United States and all of the Americas, as well as […]