Have you completed your Pilgrimage Passport?

There’s still time!

passportLast December, The Visitor announced the “Pilgrimage Passport: A Journey of Mercy” project. This project is intended for individuals, families, students, schools, youth groups and anyone who wants to mark the Year of Mercy in a special way.

Once an act of mercy has been performed or received or a pilgrimage has been made, “stamps” can be glued onto the boxes designated for each of four categories: pilgrimage sites, corporal works of mercy, spiritual works of mercy and an area where participants may choose a mix of any of the three categories.

The idea is to encourage people to consciously make an effort to understand, exhibit, receive and be grateful for God’s great mercy.

On the inside of the passport are ideas for places to visit and things to do to “earn” a stamp. Participants may also write in the boxes if they do not wish to use the stamps. To download your free copy and stamps, visit http://stcloudvisitor.org/year-of-mercy.

Once passports are filled, participants are encouraged to answer one or more of the three questions on the back of the passport. This can also be written on a separate piece of paper and submitted to The Visitor — Year of Mercy, P.O. Box 1068, St. Cloud, MN 56302 or emailed to editor@stcloudvisitor.org. Please include your name and phone number. Responses may be used in print and/or online.


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