Ninth Station: Jesus Falls a Third Time

By Ann Anosike
Franciscan Community Volunteers, St. Cloud

St. Cloud Children’s Home in St. Cloud

Jesus falls a third time despite having Simon help him carry the cross. In this experience, we witness how far God is willing to go to enmesh himself in the human condition. After falling two times before, he falls a third time from utter weakness and emptiness. God’s generosity is so profound that he has traveled into the abyss of human frailty so that when we come to him in our weaknesses, especially in those moments we cannot seem to stand again, he can say with perfect understanding, “I know how hard it is to get back up.” Jesus completely poured himself out so that he can comprehend every human weakness and with great compassion plead with his Father on our behalf. Sometimes life’s experiences can be so burdensome that we still fall even when we have the support of family and friends. Christ took on our powerlessness so that we should never bear it alone.

Christ, my savior, please help me when I have no vestige of strength left. In these very weak moments, may I never despise my frailty but instead recognize your compassion and love inviting me to lean on your strength.

Author: The Visitor

The Visitor is the official newpaper for the Diocese of Saint Cloud.

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