Catholic immigration advocates condemn proposed Biden border rule

The Biden administration Feb. 21 proposed its most restrictive border control measure to date, announcing it plans to issue a temporary rule blocking asylum-seekers who cross the border without authorization or who do not first apply for protections in other nations before coming to the United States

Social ministry ‘fundamentally a work of faith,’ cardinal says

The Mass celebrated by Cardinal Wilton Gregory came on the final day of the Jan. 28-31 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering. The meeting addressed workers’ rights, migrants and refugees, housing inequities, hunger and food insecurity, poverty, climate change, systemic racism, gun violence, restorative justice, abortion, domestic violence, and “pro-woman and pro-family policies.”

On the border, fears rise of a less welcoming era for asylum-seekers

In October, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced a “parole” program that would welcome up to 24,000 Venezuelans if they applied for entry to the United States but would undergo thorough vetting and had a sponsor who would be economically and otherwise responsible for them in the U.S., among other criteria.