Moral ambiguity and the heyday of Catholic novels

Noting the 60th anniversary of J.F. Power’s classic, “Morte d’Urban” Russell Shaw recalls a time when moral ambiguity and the mysteries of the human heart inspired complex, intriguing Catholic novels that were plentiful, well-read and widely recognized with prestigious awards.

‘Demon Copperhead’: A boy as buoyant as he believes

“In 1850, Charles Dickens exposed the dark realities of the life of the parentless child in coastal England with ‘David Copperfield.’ In 2022, the clever Barbara Kingsolver set out to do the same for rural America through ‘Demon Copperhead.'”

Italian publisher releases book of essays by retired Pope Benedict

An explanation of the aspects of “sacrifice and expiation” in the celebration of the Eucharist and, therefore, in the role of the Catholic priest was the focus of two of the new essays included in “What is Christianity?” — a book released only in Italian in late January by Mondadori.