Movie: ‘Ad Astra’

The Latin motto from which the compelling sci-fi drama “Ad Astra” (Fox) takes its title assures us that, by persevering through difficulties, we can aspire to reach the stars.

Movie: ‘Hustlers’

The approach of the subject matter and the sordid treatment it receives in the fact-based drama “Hustlers” (STX) pulls the picture under morally.

Movie: ‘The Goldfinch’

A 17th-century Dutch masterpiece becomes a complex souvenir in the patchy drama “The Goldfinch” (Warner Bros./Amazon).

Movie – ‘ It: Chapter Two’

The three-hour tour that went so disastrously wrong for the future denizen of Gilligan’s Island was a mere picnic compared to the patience-trying endurance test that is “It: Chapter Two” (Warner Bros.).