Minor changes to e-newsletter begin this week

Minor changes to the Monday Morning Update — The Central Minnesota Catholic’s weekly e-newsletter, are taking effect starting with the Nov. 28 edition.

By Joe Towalski

The bulletin insert download will no longer appear at the top of the newsletter. Instead, the content previously featured there will now be part of the body of the newsletter. This includes the list of local events coming up in the next few weeks that has been featured on one side of the bulletin insert and the short news items included on the other side. Those items will be included in each newsletter in links titled “Upcoming local events” and “World/Nation news briefs.” A full calendar of events for the coming months can still be found at the bottom of each newsletter.

The intent of the changes is to make the information easier to access for readers and to shorten the Monday Morning Update’s production time for staff.

If you are already an e-newsletter subscriber, thank you! If not, I encourage you to subscribe at https://bit.ly/3A56hQA to receive this valuable local resource, which features the latest diocesan, national and Vatican-related news. It will be emailed to you each Monday morning.

May you have a blessed Advent season!

Author: Joe Towalski

Joe Towalski is the editor for The Central Minnesota Catholic Magazine.

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