Photos: Crosier Father Daniel Hernandez ordination

Crosier Father Daniel Hernandez was ordained July 9 at Holy Cross Church in Onamia. He officially entered the community in 2014, professed first vows in 2015 and solemn vows June 25, 2021.

Father Hernandez is currently the associate director of the novitiate program for the order, so he accompanies new novices throughout their two years of formation. He also helps out at WOHVn in Faith Catholic Community, the newly formed Area Catholic Community that includes Holy Cross in Onamia, Sacred Heart in Wahkon, St. Rita in Hillman and St. Therese in Vineland. He will take on a larger role there now.

Read more about Father Hernandez here.

Author: Dianne Towalski

Dianne Towalski is a multimedia reporter for The Central Minnesota Catholic Magazine.


Beautiful photos, Dianne! Thank you for sharing a diverse array of pictures that give a sense of the praise-filled, inspirational and ritually rich gathering to celebrate Daniel’s ordination.

Fine photos! Well done composition and angular positioning… lighting and all. I am especially impressed with the resolution. Of course, the subject matter – Ordination of Daniel Hernandez – is the reason for the visible photos. And the invisible God of us all, the real present subject, remains undisclosed by even the finest and most modern technology for highly refined resolution.… unless we count in the smiles, poise, gestures, respect, dignity, beauty, affection and visible pride. Then, therefore, he’s all over the place. The anonymous friend in the black Benedictine Habit is Brother Felix, OSB, of St John’s Abbey.

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