‘It is the Lord!’

Some of the Gospel accounts are strange to us. When we read or hear these stories at Mass, we can’t help but wonder what in the world was going on. How is it possible that the people who knew Jesus best didn’t know him when they saw him?

New faith formation tool puts families first

Pastors, directors of religious education, catechists and volunteers gathered at Saint John’s University in Collegeville May 19, for an introduction to “Pathways for Family Faith Formation,” a new program that will soon be available to parishes and Area Catholic Communities.

Hosffman Ospino: Love and support catechists

“We should avoid taking our catechists for granted. Our faith communities need to cultivate a permanent culture of support for our catechists.”

Greg Erlandson: Communion lessons

“There are two ways that ongoing faith formation is likely to touch the majority of Mass-attending Catholics: the homily and Catholic media.”