Adorable animals build anticipation in children’s book

Local author Mike Larson has written a new book, “The First Advent: Stories and Activities.”

“The First Advent” contains stories and activities designed to prepare children’s hearts and minds for the arrival of Baby Jesus. Each of 25 days of Advent contains a story or activity to be shared with children.

Inspiration for the book struck while Larson was selling some of his other books at a craft fair. There he met Priudence Ramos.

“She hosted a Bible study at her house after school for young children and she was telling me about that,” he said. “Then she said there was a need for good Advent stories. … At the time, I really had no plans to write another book but I think God had other plans because he sent me Priudence.”

Featuring lovable creatures like One Hump the camel and Wooly and Fuzzy the sheep, and illustrated by Janine Ringdahl Schmidt, each character is on a journey to recognize their gifts and in turn, use their gifts to prepare the stable for the arrival of Baby Jesus.

Larson, who attends Ave Maria Church in Wheaton with his biggest fan — his wife, Kathie — will be at Barnes & Noble in St. Cloud on Dec. 15 at noon for a book signing. “The First Advent” also can be found at the St. Cloud Book Shop, on Amazon, and can be ordered at any major book store.

This book and others by Larson can be viewed and purchased on his website at

Author: The Visitor

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