Movie: ‘Ford v Ferrari’

“Ford v Ferrari” (Fox) revels in its 1960s gender stereotypes, evoking a “Great Man” age of auto racers in which the men were men and the women glad of it.

Movie: ‘Charlie’s Angels’

The mantra for a film industry obsessed with remakes and reboots could be “Everything old is new again.” The latest example: “Charlie’s Angels” (Columbia), the third film iteration of the iconic 1976-81 television series.

Movie: ‘Doctor Sleep’

In crafting the horror sequel “Doctor Sleep” (Warner Bros.), which follows up on the events recounted in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film, “The Shining” — based, like its successor, on a novel by Stephen King — writer-director Mike Flanagan takes his time and effectively builds up a macabre mood.

Movie: ‘Playing With Fire’

If your folks warned you against “Playing With Fire” (Paramount), their advice was sound. Though generally harmless, this comedy is so painfully unfunny, it’s almost fascinating.

Movie: ‘Last Christmas’

The holiday-themed blend of romantic comedy and drama “Last Christmas” (Universal) is both awkward in execution and problematic in content.

Movie: ‘Midway’

It’s all hands on deck in the vivid fact-based naval epic “Midway” (Lionsgate). In fact, the cast of this historical drama is so crowded that viewers might feel the occasional roll call was in order.

Movie: ‘Arctic Dogs’

“Arctic Dogs” (AMBI Group) serves up family-friendly fare, scoring high on the cuteness meter despite its lack of originality.