The Flash

Sound at heart but somewhat gritty on the surface, “The Flash” will divert parents. But they should probably leave their adolescents at home.

Movie review: Fast X

As its title indicates, “Fast X” (Universal) is the 10th direct installment of the “Fast & Furious” car-racing franchise that first put the pedal to the metal back in 2001

Movie: ‘Beau Is Afraid’

Billed as a dark comedy, writer-director Ari Aster’s deep dive into paranoia is instead a nightmarish, three-hour-long odyssey through a landscape of mental misery.

Movie: ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’

It’s important to bear in mind that, however credible its source material may be, the ostensibly fact-based possession tale “The Pope’s Exorcist” (Sony) remains a Hollywood horror movie.

Movie: ‘Renfield’

Although the humor showcased in the satire “Renfield” (Universal) can be characterized as of the one-joke variety, this send-up of the horror genre does include some potentially diverting comic material.